Veterinary Assistant

Daniel Zormeier was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. In 2015 he received his Bachelors of Science in Equine Science from Colorado State University. Before moving back to Tucson, Daniel worked at Iron Spring Farm, in PA, as an Equine Managerial Assistant. Now back in Tucson he is excited to be working for Freedom Run Equine Veterinary Services as a Veterinary Assistant. Daniel is looking forward to working for the practice and will start Veterinary Technician School in August, 2016 to become a CVT.

Having a passion for equine reproductive physiology, Daniel worked at EquineReproduction.com, LLC during the summer of 2014. This experience furthered his understanding of equine reproduction as well as heightened his desire to own his own equine breeding operation. Daniel started in the equine world by showing American Paint Horses. From there he moved onto warmbloods - which he has shown in hunters and dressage.

Daniel lives on the east side of Tucson with a variety of animals including a Great Dane, an Australian Shepherd, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, an African Spurred Tortoise, a parakeet, and his newest addition Edgar – a 2yr old Rhineland Pfalz-sarr Gelding.